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The Internet Moves Out of the Box: Introducing the Internet of Things

August 28, 2011 by Infographic King

The internet started life transmitting scientific and military information. (You can think of that as web 0.0)

After that, publishers started putting content on the web – and web 1.0 and the original dot com bubble was born.

As it turns out, shortly after that kids in dorm rooms figured out how to get people to share their ideas via the internet. Now the computer had people in it, and was much more interesting.

Currently, the computer is now moving out in the world in the form of the mobile phone. And because of the previous layers of the web, you can take your friends with you.
The next level of the internet involves literally everything we touch connecting to the cloud – from your refrigerator to your drier to the lights in your house. The opportunities here are unimaginable, as a new level of intelligence and connectivity is brought to inanimate objects.
Check out this great infographic about the internet of things:


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