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October, 2011

  1. The Kardashian Wedding by the $$$’s – INFOGRAPHIC

    October 13, 2011 by Infographic King

    Kim Kardashian recently had a ridiculous wedding, spending 20 million dollars and proving that nothing is far in America. Yes, this is the same woman who is famous for making a sex tape with Ray J. Ray J. Not someone talented. Ray J.

    Check out the infographic:

    Infographic byBrilliance

  2. The Cruel Working World

    October 12, 2011 by Candice

    Whether you just entered college, or recently graduated, the thought of what to do after school should have crossed your mind at one point or another.

    If you’re still not sure what to do next, take a look at this graphic by Online Masters Degree. It walks you through 4 possible paths: being unemployed, getting an internship, landing a job, or becoming a CEO. See which path will reap the most rewards!

    Working World
    Created by: Online Masters Degree

  3. Does Oral Sex Cause Cancer? INFOGRAPHIC

    October 11, 2011 by Infographic King

    Honestly, I have no idea if Oral Sex causes cancer. Frankly, it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

    This is an infographic about cancer and sex from Mount Sinai Medical Center.

    Can I Get Cancer From Oral Sex?
    Source: Mount Sinai Medical Center

  4. The People’s History of Men’s Haircuts – INFOGRAPHIC

    October 10, 2011 by Infographic King

    This is a wonderful infographic from Cha Poornea, an infographic designer from the Phillipines.

    The People's History of Men's Haircuts

  5. How to Become an F1 Champion

    October 9, 2011 by Infographic King

    How do you become an F1 Champion?
    Well it’s easy if you try:
    – Start racing at 14
    – Put at least 10,000 hours of practice in over the next 5 years
    – Be born in Britain to a rich racing family

    See? It’s easy. Check out this infographic for more:

    From: – The car review aggregator

  6. U.S. Debt – Like a Great River Flowing in the Sky

    October 8, 2011 by Candice

    As of June 2011, the U.S. public debt summed up to $14.3 trillion. Of that, $4.5 trillion is owed to other nations. This infographic by MBA online illustrates how much it would cost each American to pay back the rest of the world.

    The Great Flow of US Debt
    Created by: MBA Online

  7. History of Shredding Gnar – How Burton Evolved

    October 7, 2011 by Infographic King

    Burton is a snowboard giant – but how did they come to be? Moreover, how was snowboarding popularized in the first place?

    Burton was started in 1977 – it’s as old as snowboarding. Learn the interesting story of Burton in this infographic.

    Evolution of Burton - History of Shredding

    Brought to you by Eternal Snow.

  8. Cocooning: Life without Leaving Home

    October 6, 2011 by Candice

    Ever wonder if you could still live a functional life without ever stepping foot outside of your home? Luckily, with the help of the internet and the computer, the answer is yes.

    Check out this entertaining graphic by College at Home, which tells you can how you can stay fed, clothed, entertained, and even educated without ever leaving your computer.

    Created by: College At Home

  9. How the World Takes Holidays – Eating & Sleeping

    October 5, 2011 by Infographic King

    Looking at sleeping routines globally, more Norwegians (31%) said they chose to slept naked in the their hotel bed than any other nation, with Brits a close second (24%).

    The right side of the bed is the most popular globally, but 48% claim not to care which side they sleep on.

    Learn more about how the world goes on vacation – and the many attractive qualities of Norway – in this infographic from –

  10. The Unique Approach to Innovation of the MIT Media Lab[Infographic]

    October 4, 2011 by Candice

    MIT’s Media Lab leads the pack when it comes to fostering interdisciplinary exploration. Because of this, new discoveries are created from some of the most unexpected combinations.

    Check out this graphic by Online PhD and explore how new discoveries can come from two very different concepts.

    Created by: Online PhD