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Infographic Website researches and designs professional infographics for our clients.

We can either take your content and statistics and create a beautiful infographic, or you can opt for us to do the hard work and research your topic for you!

You can order infographics using our infographic order form.

Why Buy Infographics From Us?

We receive dozens of infographic submissions daily, and review them for quality both in terms of their content and their design. We’ve also created many infographics for our clients as part of our web design and digital marketing sister company.

We’re a Canada based design and internet marketing agency, that’s established and cares about the quality of our service and work.

Want to see some work first?

Here’s an example of an infographic researched and designed by Infographic Website:

Voice Search Stats of 2019: Turning The Tides of SEOWe can create infographics on any subject you like, and provide high quality artwork to illustrate the points you want to make.

All you need to do is provide us with your topic/title and we’ll do the rest!

What do you get? 

A professionally designed infographic, based on 10 key points or statistics. All orders are started within 24 hours of ordering, and delivered within 7 days.

Can I have revisions or changes?

You will have one opportunity to review the infographic we design for you, and provide any feedback or requests for changes.

What format will the files be delivered in?

We will deliver the infographic to you as a .png file, along with the working files which will be Adobe Illustrator (.AI) based. If you need any other format I’m sure we could accommodate that, simply request it with your order or send us an email after ordering.

How do I order?

If you have further questions please contact us, otherwise, click the button below to order your infographic:

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