Posted: November 13, 2019
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10 Tips to Boost Your WordPress Site Speed

Google gives high importance to webpage load times in its search results. Also, if your web pages take forever to load, your site visitors will leave in a hurry increasing your bounce rates. For this reason, you should prioritize your website loading times and try to minimize it.

This infographic lists 10 tips you can implement right now to speed up your WordPress website and make it load consistently under 2 seconds. All the tips are easy to implement and you can greatly reduce your WordPress page load times in under 2 hours.

These 10 WordPress speed optimization tips are:

  1. Reduce Server Response Time (SRT)
  2. Use a Caching Plugin
  3. Enable GZip Compression
  4. Minimize the Browser Requests
  5. Optimize Your Database
  6. Reduce the Number of Plugins in Use
  7. Use a Well Optimized Theme
  8. Compress and Scale Images
  9. Load Resources Locally
  10. Limit JavaScript and CSS Use



Original Post: 10 Tips to Boost Your WordPress Site Speed

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10 Tips to Boost Your WordPress Site Speed