Posted: January 22, 2020
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10 Ways To Make Your Home Safer

Our homes should be the most secure places in our lives. This is where we have the family and the most expensive things in our lives such as jewelry, money and credit cards. These are some of the main things that burglars usually look for.

But if you ask most people about homes’ security, they have no idea how safe they are. As long as they have locked the doors and windows, they think that they are safe. But that is not enough to deter intruders and keep a home safe.

Here are the ways to make your home safer:

1. Make The Front Door Secure

2. Use Timers For Lights And TV To Fool Burglars

3. Install CCTV That Can Be Used On Mobile Phone

4. Secure Windows

5. Get A Large Dog

6. Have It Well Lit Outside

7. Have A Manned Guarding Or Vacant Property Services

8. Have A Well-Hidden Safe For Valuables

9. Get A Video Doorbell

10. Lock All The Windows When You Go Out

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10 Ways To Make Your Home Safer