Posted: January 27, 2020
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17 Common Website Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Websites are a critical part of any business growth plan. In fact, the average person spends 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day.

Your audience is clearly online, but are these website mistakes holding you back from converting them into loyal customers?

We’ve included a list of the 17 most common website mistakes you should avoid at all costs. Avoid the most common website mistakes by improving your site continuously.

As an ecommerce agency, we’ve worked with over 500 clients to overcome many online challenges. We help businesses market themselves more effectively online. We compiled a list 17 website mistakes that you should avoid.

Search engine performance is no accident. If your website is underperforming, the chances are you’re making one or more of these 17 common mistakes. Read our list of common mistakes and learn from our experience of working with countless clients.

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17 Common Website Mistakes That You Should Avoid