Posted: July 2, 2019
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5 Kitchen Safety Tips

Safety should always be a priority, so as the adage goes. Such mantra is and should always be followed in many aspects of our society – in businesses, in schools, in hospitals, and even in recreational places such as parks and playgrounds. However, even before you go to this place, it is important that you also implement basic safety practices in your own safe haven – your home.

Home safety is one of the most important, yet often overlooked factors in household management. While technology these days allows us to better secure our homes from outside dangers, many homeowners underestimate the safety risks that exist within the four walls of their home, especially in the kitchen. 

Several reports have shown that the kitchen space is one, if not the most dangerous places in a house. Two-thirds of house fires start in the kitchen, and 480 people die each year due to kitchen fires. However, it does not take fire from a malfunctioning gas stove or oven to make this area dangerous. Just considering the equipment and fixtures commonly found in the kitchen – knives, meat grinder, glasses, and slippery floors, kitchen island and counters – it cannot be denied that this area is a land mine of disaster.

To help you or your loved ones avoid injuries when in the kitchen, check out these helpful tips from Mr Cabinet Care

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5 Kitchen Safety Tips