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7 Most Popular BBQ Styles and How Baltimore BBQ Compares

People in the United States take their BBQ very seriously. While other countries have their own versions of barbecue, American regional styles are very unique. Every barbecue lover has a favorite style that they prefer, whether it is the type of meat or sauce or how it is prepared.

Here are the 7 most popular BBQ styles and how Baltimore BBQ compares.

North Carolina

There are two popular styles in North Carolina. The “Eastern Style” consists of a chopped whole hog barbecue that is typically served with a vinegar and pepper sauce. What really makes it unique is that it is served with the pig skin which adds texture to the sandwich. The traditional way to barbecue is using wood.

In the western part of the state they prefer a different BBQ style called the “Lexington” or “Piedmont Style”. This style is all about pork shoulder served with a red barbecue sauce. It is cooked just right with caramelized glaze on the shoulder.

South Carolina

The “South Carolina Style” has been made famous by its special mustard-based sauce called “Carolina Gold” which came from the area’s German immigrants. The meat of choice in this area is pork.


Memphis is the center of barbecue in Tennessee and is known for both “dry” and “wet” pork ribs. The area is also known for its pulled pork shoulder that is served with a tomato-based barbecue sauce and for adding pulled barbecue into surprising dishes like spaghetti and pizza.


Kentucky does barbecue a little differently preferring to cook up mutton and add a Worcestershire sauce-based dip that was born in the town of Owensboro.


In the Texas Style, brisket is usually the meat of choice and it is slow cooked for 20 or more hours in a smoker. The sauce is made of the drippings from the meat and the different condiments. With this style, the fat is not removed before the sandwich is served unlike with Baltimore pit beef where the fat is always cut off.


Alabama specializes in a pulled pork or chicken sandwich filled with Cole slaw, but what makes it really unique is the white sauce made of a mayonnaise-and-vinegar mixture.

Kansas City

This hot bed of barbecue pulls in influences from other regions and will cook up different types of meat. The most popular sauce style is a sweet tomato based sauce with molasses.

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7 Most Popular BBQ Styles and How Baltimore BBQ Compares