Posted: January 4, 2020
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A Field Guide to Map Projections

Everyone is familiar with maps. They are ubiquitous the world over across history and cultures. While we know in general terms what a map is and don’t have to look far to understand their place in our lives, how many know how earth is translated into a mappable surface? The magic is in map projections. Map projections are an elusive subject, but an interesting one, too.

Over history cartographers, mathematicians and geographers have developed many map projections each focusing on a particular characteristic to preserve when showing the earth in two dimensions. Some give accuracy to areas, angles or distances. The complex process cannot escape distortion which is why many projections opt to strike a compromise to achieve a balance instead. Map projections are fundamental to making any map, without them, maps could not exist! They quite literally shape how we view the world.

Original Post: A Field Guide to Map Projections

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A Field Guide to Map Projections