Posted: July 15, 2019
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A Guide On Hay Fever

Our Guide highlights useful information for all of you hay fever suffers. We know how frustrating it can be when those eyes start itching and the sneezing start taking effect. With our simple guide, you will find the highest pollen seasons, so you are fully prepared.

You’ll find that there are three main seasons when it comes to pollen, the main month being June, as you’ll find that around the summertime. Everyone loves to get out in their gardens and start trimming their bushes and mowing the grass.

Which can be a hay fever suffers nightmare!

You will also discover when best to start taking eye drops as you’ll be surprised on how long some of the eye drops take before they start helping you with itchy eyes.

The eye drops, of course, will help with those itchy, runny eyes and nasal spray will help reduce the sneezing.

So make sure you follow the pollen forecast, as this will help you to be fully aware of what’s to come, making sure that you purchase any medication like your eye drops from a reputable source, taking extra care if you order online. If you are not sure, then it would be best to consult with your doctor before ordering.

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A Guide On Hay Fever