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Cased Dimensions Service Manager Apps

Management Packs 

“Management packs contain monitoring settings for applications and services”. 

Each management pack contains:   

  • Monitors– direct agents to keep track of the state of each class instance to easily avoid     
  • Rules – direct agents to collect performance and discovery data, send alerts, events and more.   
  • Tasks– define activities that can be implemented by either the agent or the console. These are scripts or code which runs either on the management server or on the server, client, or other device being managed.  
  • Knowledge– provides documented advice to help operators diagnose and fix problems.  These are written content, embedded in rules and monitors, that contains information from the management pack author.  
  • Views– offer modified user interfaces for monitoring and managing this component.  Views consolidate and visualize operational data for specific services or applications for increased insight and visibility. 
  • Reports- define specialized ways to report on information about this managed component.   
  • Object discoveries– identify objects to be monitored.  Object discoveries are used to find the specific objects on a network that need to be monitored. Management packs define the type of objects that the management pack monitors.  
  • Run As profiles– allow you to run different rules, tasks, monitors, or discoveries under different accounts on different computers.  A management pack can include one or more Run As profiles. Run As profiles and Run As accounts are used to select users with the privileges needed for running rules, tasks, and monitors. 

Benefits of SCSM Management Packs  

  • Reduce administration time, 
  • Increase productivity and 
  • Improve business processes

Features of Management Packs 

*Management Packs are upgradable if partners develop correctly.  

*Management Packs install to products in minutes and then require configuration. 

*Once installed, Clients do not realize they are working in a Partner Management Pack – it normally looks and feels like the Microsoft Product. 

*Microsoft announced recently SCSM is being supported until 2029. 

*Microsoft’s System Center Service Manager (SCSM) is Microsoft’s Enterprise Service Desk. 



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