Posted: February 11, 2020
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CMMS Usage Statistics For 2019

Be it an office space or a manufacturing floor, equipment and machines are a part of our everyday work. Often, we do not even notice that until they start to malfunction. It can be an HVAC not cooling properly, an issue with a production line, an elevator that is out of service, or something similar. When one of those things actually happen, you are suddenly aware of how simple technical difficulties can have a big negative impact on the productivity of employees in any organization.

One thing that can keep these pesky problems at bay is regular maintenance supported with a CMMS software (for those not familiar, CMMS is like a project management tool for the maintenance department). If you are interested in how many different tasks, assets, spare parts, and other maintenance-related info an average business tracks over the course of one year, we have taken a look at our internal data for 2019. and compiled it into the following infographic.


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CMMS Usage Statistics For 2019