Posted: December 5, 2019
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Costs to Build an E-Commerce Marketplace

The best way to start an eCommerce business today is to build a multi-seller marketplace. Marketplaces have a lot of advantages over traditional single-seller online stores. For example, a bigger product range, a larger audience, big revenues are among them. With a marketplace, you don’t even need to sell and store products yourself—your sellers will take care of it.

But there’s a downside, of course—building a marketplace can cost you an insane amount of money if you do it wrong. The budget planning is a very important part here and to plan your spendings right, you need to know how much approximately it will cost you to build an eCommerce marketplace. And this could be a problem. Costs for building a marketplace differ too much in different regions and you need to know exactly what you want your marketplace to have—modern design, specific features, integrations and so on.

The CS-Cart team has been developing a professional marketplace solution CS-Cart Multi-Vendor for 14 years now and they have over 500 development partner companies worldwide. So they know how much it can cost you to build a marketplace from scratch with customizations and with a ready-made marketplace solution (spoiler: a ready-made solution is way cheaper). Check out the infographic by CS-Cart: Costs to Build an eCommerce Marketplace.

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Costs to Build an E-Commerce Marketplace