Posted: September 16, 2019
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Deuces Wild Video Poker Game Strategy

Deuces wild begins when a player pays the initial required bid to the machine of the game. Initially, the computer on which the player is playing deals five random cards from a virtual deck of fifty-two standard playing cards.

The player can decide to discard any of the cards or even the complete set of 5 cards. Then the machine re-deals cards to replace the cards that have been discarded by the player. It is the choice of the player to keep or discard individual cards to get a better hand, which decides the fate of the game. It also decides whether the player earns more or less money based on what cards the player has at the end when he decides to pay himself or herself out.

Some standard hands are possible with the five cards being dealt to the player. Some of them have higher payouts, and some of them have lower payouts than the other hands. It is essential to know the various hands in Video Poker before you play any variations of the video poker, along with the corresponding payout scheme.

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Deuces Wild Video Poker Game Strategy