Posted: March 11, 2020
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Digital Marketing Statistics 2020

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field. It is crucial for any digital marketing agency to keep abreast of the latest research. This works in a straightforward way: to provide digital marketing services that the prospect and existing clients really need. Research data and analytics inform the digital marketing strategies regardless of the goals of the campaign.

However, one study confirms that only 38% of firms have digital transformation as a permanent fixture on their CEO’s agenda. Companies remain to be as skeptical today as they were at least five years ago. Some CEOs embrace digital transformation, Digital Marketing Statistics 2020 and yet only 36% of them shared their vision with their employees. The #1 reason for this is the failure to see the “strategic benefits” of going digital.

What if you tell your boss that there are studies throughout the years that prove that digital marketing is the way to go? That there is no escaping digital marketing? Convince your boss and the entire C-suite with these stats! A digital marketing agency can help you greatly increase your return on investment and bring in new leads, enhance your brand’s recognition, and your overall authority in your industry.

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Digital Marketing Statistics 2020