Posted: March 7, 2019
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Google Search Tricks

With 40,000 searches per second worldwide, we’re all doing a lot of Googling! Even if you think you’re an old hand at Google and make countless searches every month, we bet even you do not know all of these fabulous Google search tips.

Who knew Google could also be a dictionary, countdown timer or calculator, just by making a few extra taps on your keyboard? Or that it can provide a little extra help in finding something at the price you want to pay, no more, no less. Hey, it can even fill in your brain when you’re brain goes so blank you’re not even sure what you’re searching for.

Google is an even cleverer beast than you thought until now, and this new Google Search Tricks infographic provides a handy guide for 13 of the most useful shortcuts you can use to make your search experience a whole lot more efficient, faster and easier…and more fun to boot.

For each of the 13, we explain how each tip can make your life easier, and provide an incredibly simple, easy to remember how-to. We loved trying these out and are sure you will too, so dig in and unlock even more potential from the Google search engine.

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Google Search Tricks