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How To Get Rid And Dispose Of Tyres

Disposing old tyres could be a challenging task due to their shape and non-biodegradability. The conventional method of tyre disposal is stockpiling or dumping illegally. These methods can only provide a short term solution. They’re normally made of a mixture of steel, textile and rubber, often having traces of oil and other chemicals present. There are various ways to recycle tyres, either for cash or as a DIY project.  The 2006 EU Landfill Directive means that tyres are no longer accepted to landfill sites and virtually all end-of-life tyres are recycled or re-used in some way.

How To Dispose Of Tyres

As mentioned above tyres are made of a mixture of steel, textile and rubber so tyres can be useful for some very beneficial purposes after recycling like:

  • As cement concrete aggregate
  • As barriers
  • As tyre derived aggregate

How To Resuse Old Tyres

There are a lot of uses for your old tyres.

  • Recycle tyres for swings
  • Tyre flower plants
  • Tyre art
  • Tyre stools
  • Recycled tyre ladder
  • Give them to local parks and zoos
  • For athletic purposes
  • As farm equipment

If you have no idea about tyre disposal then you can contact your local council for more details.

There are specialised recycling firms that deal with tyre recycling. You can submit old tyres to such firms.

Burning old tyres can produce smoke and pollution, inhaling smoke can cause hazards like pneumonia, and asthma.

Always keep in mind, If you cannot re-use it and not sure how to go about your local tyre disposal, hire a waste disposal company.


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How To Get Rid And Dispose Of Tyres