Posted: July 17, 2019
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How To Pronounce Watch Brands

With literally hundreds of watch brands around the world it’s inevitable there will be some confusion regarding the correct pronunciation of each.

There can also be some variance to what is considered to be the correct pronunciation depending on your native language and/or the country that you reside in, however the below is a useful guide that will serve you well in the vast majority of cases. Also don’t worry too much – even the most seasoned of watch professionals have the occasional slip-up.
Brand: Bovet
Pronounced: BO vay
Brand: Breitling
Pronounced: BRITE ling
Brand: Bremont
Pronounced: BREH mon
Brand: Bulova
Pronounced: BULL uh vuh
Brand: Cartier
Pronounced: KARR tee ay
Brand: Casio
Pronounced: KAS ee oh
Brand: Chopard
Pronounced: show PARD
Brand: Cyma
Pronounced: SEE muh
Brand: Hermes
Pronounced: air MEZ
Brand: Hublot
Pronounced: oo BLOW
Brand: Louis Vuitton
Pronounced: lou ee vwee TAWN
Brand: Maserati
Pronounced: MAZ uh RAA tee
Brand: Movado
Pronounced: muh VAH doe
Brand: Omega
Pronounced: o MAY guh
Brand: Patek Philippe
Pronounced: pah TEK fill EEP
Brand: Perrelet
Pronounced: PAIR eh lay
Brand: Piaget
Pronounced: pee ah ZHAY
Brand: Seiko
Pronounced: SAY ko
Brand: TAG Heuer
Pronounced: TAG HOI ur
Brand: Tissot
Pronounced: TEE so
Brand: Tourneau
Pronounced: Tour NO
Brand: Victorinox
Pronounced: vick TOR ih nox
Brand: Xemex
Pronounced: ZEM ex

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How To Pronounce Watch Brands