Posted: January 28, 2020
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How is Virtual Reality Shaping the Construction Industry

The construction industry is evolving continuously, and experts keep researching new tools and ways to optimize the process. In the initial days, people were using plain paper, pen, and verbal planning.

With time the new technology introduced to 3D design model with CAD software and Building Information Model (BIM). These technologies smoothen the process to extend but unable to provide the exact details.

Sometimes the final product differs from the client’s vision because he was unable to understand every single aspect. Moreover, these softwares can’t predict future issues and cause sudden halts.

Now, a technology is required which can simulate the final product, and let us analyze the probable future difficulties. The construction industry is moving towards virtual reality to overcome the above limitations of conventional methods.

Virtual Reality is a computer-based simulation of the artificial/real world, which can be accessible by VR electronic devices, and sensors. It interacts with the user through virtual space that gives a clear understanding of construction. For more details see the infographic.

Original Post: How is Virtual Reality Shaping the Construction Industry

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How is Virtual Reality Shaping the Construction Industry