Posted: July 29, 2019
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IGTV vs YouTube

What is IGTV? How is IGTV different from YouTube? If you are social media marketer, social media influencer or an IG-is-life kind of person, you need to understand what IGTV is and how you can use it to grow your audience and engage them.

So what’s IGTV? Well, IGTV is Instagram TV – an app from Instagram exclusively for portrait or vertical mobile videos.

Though both IGTV and YouTube are video-sharing applications, they differ from each other in some major aspects. They differ in video duration, types of content, and video orientation. Specifically, here’s how they differ from each other:

  1. Video duration – While YouTube doesn’t have time restrictions, IGTV’s maximum time duration is one hour
  2. Content – YouTube contains movies, TV shows, and documentaries while IGTV mostly contains user-generated content
  3. Video Orientation – YouTube has the more conventional horizontal orientation while IGTV has vertically-oriented videos

Now that you know how they differ from each other, here are some tips on how you can grow your IGTV audience:

  1. Keywords are important
  2. Create content that are exclusive to IGTV
  3. Utilize features on Instagram
  4. Promote IGTV on other social media platforms

Check out the infographic comparing IGTV and YouTube and learn how to grow your audience on IGTV!


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IGTV vs YouTube