Posted: March 6, 2019
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Kidney Transplant : Everything You Need to Know

Kidney Transplant is a life-saving procedure for people suffering from end-stage kidney disease/failure. The diseased kidney is replaced with a healthy kidney from another person. The healthy kidney can be taken from a donor either living or dead.

Living donor transplants are more common and preferred by doctors as they have a greater success rate. The living donor should ideally be an immediate, relative or family member. However, countries like Turkey and Singapore also allow transplants from unrelated donors after careful evaluation and screening to rule out any coercion, commercial intent etc.

Different countries have different norms with respect to organ donation and therefore it is important to be aware of all legal formalities etc so as to avoid any problems later. Also, there are different tests like blood tests etc that the donor needs to undergo to determine his suitability as a donor.

Although Kidney Transplant is a completely safe procedure, there are certain risks involved as with any surgical procedure. Some risks albeit rare include loss of blood, infection, tissue injury or internal damage.

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Kidney Transplant : Everything You Need to Know