Posted: November 26, 2019
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Local SEO Trends To Look For in 2019

Make your website works for your local business! If you aren’t utilizing premium digital marketing services, your business could be missing out on growing exponential while dominating your regional competition. Check out these must-have SEO services that will help you rank higher and improve your online presence.

Voice Search

This is the hottest trend in SEO right now. Having digital assistance is a plus… It can also up your ranking. It is estimated that by 2020 voice search will be a massive contributing factor for SEO. Start sooner than your competition for a leg up.

Video Content

Does your website feature videos? It should. Studies have shown 55% of visitors will watch a video if the option is available. This is an excellent time to show who you are and what your brand can do for your customers.

Mobile Friendly With Local Searches

More of your local business comes from those on their cell phones than anything else, in fact, a stunning 95%. Make sure your website is mobile friendly while hitting those target keywords for your city or area.

Longer Keywords

Trying to rank for one or two length keywords will be virtually impossible, especially if you are a newer site. But research suggests that consumers are using 4 or more words in their searches. Expand your idea of what to rank for in 2019, and try uping the count.

Quality Reigns Supreme

Having the best quality content on your site is essential, just as important as length. Ideally, pages should contain more than 1000 words and be chock-full of useful, informative content. Whether it’s explaining a service, or telling a customer what your qualifications are while keeping it readable, but informative.

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Local SEO Trends To Look For in 2019