Posted: January 14, 2020
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Loft Conversion Ideas

A loft conversion could provide you with the extra space you need in your home. Furthermore, this additional space can increase the value of a property by as much as 20 percent. Once your loft has been assessed suitable for conversion, it’s time to think of the best use for it. Here are all the practical ways you can use your loft space.

Storage Space

Many homeowners use their lofts to solve their storage problems. Converting your small loft into a storage space can prove to be a lot more inexpensive than going with other, more ambitious, projects.


Dens are great places where you can pursue your passion, and small loft would make the perfect little den. Your choice of décor should really get you into the spirit of fun, and it would be nice to have it contrasting the rest of your home.

Play Area

Even small lofts offer great opportunities; you just need to be creative. Bring magic into the kids loft play area with something as simple as an interesting wallpaper. A chalkboard wall is also a fun addition to any kid’s playroom.

Spare Bedroom

Let’s go over the loft conversion bedroom idea. It can be as simple as installing a staircase for access and a few items of furniture or as complicated as adding new walls.

Extra Living Room

Create the perfect retreat with some extra living space. Keep things casual in your loft living room with a classic sofa in a neutral colour and mismatched armchair.

Games Room

According to research by tech company Sony, almost 50 percent of the UK adults play video games and most of the gamers would like a room dedicated to this beloved hobby.

Cinema Room

A loft cinema? Sure, you can have your own epic home cinema even if you have to work with a small space. As with the games room, the cinema room may also need soundproofing, but it really depends on the proximity of your neighbours.

Home Office

Every loft is unique in terms of size and shape, but you will generally find that turning a loft into an office space is a lot easier than converting it into a bedroom, for example. A loft office requires little space, and a simpler project requires a smaller budget.

Bathroom / Shower Room

Turning your loft into a bathroom is something that may seem a bit unconventional – and it is, but it can be done. But first, remember that lofts have not been designed to hold the weight of a bathroom, so it will take a big revamping to achieve your goal.

Small Gym

Having a personal gym in your home is extremely convenient. You can work out anytime you want, there are no monthly membership fees, and you don’t have to walk or drive long distances to get there.

Clothes Room

If you have a hard time finding enough closet space to accommodate all your clothes and accessories, look up. Your small loft has a great potential for becoming a wonderful loft walk in wardrobe.

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Loft Conversion Ideas