Posted: March 9, 2019
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Muscle Building Workout Guide for Dogs

Anybody who wants to improve their health—I’m talking humans here—knows that it’s not as simple as simply doing one form of exercise a few times a week. It’s not enough to just do push-ups, or only ride a bike. Instead, for all-around health you need to do a variety of things: strength training, cardiovascular exercise, stretching, and so on.

And a healthy dog needs the same thing!

If the only exercise your dog ever gets is going for the occasional run (cardiovascular exercise), that’s definitely better than nothing—but what about strength training to build muscle tone? Or balance training to build core strength?

To keep your dog as healthy as possible, they need a wide variety of exercise. That’s why we put together this 30 day guide to building muscle.

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Muscle Building Workout Guide for Dogs