Posted: September 18, 2019
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Top 5 Tips for a Farmhouse Kitchen

If you’re planning kitchen renovations, a farmhouse kitchen is often a popular choice. Even with small kitchen renovations and details, you can achieve a fantastic design with our top tips.

1.Create an Eclectic Mixture

A modern farmhouse kitchen offers a seamless blend of historical charm and elevated elegance to create an inviting yet unassuming ambience. To create a kitchen that looks like it has taken years to cultivate, try to create a mixture of eclectic and unlikely pieces. This works exceptionally well when you put new and old pieces together in your space. Think a modern stool underneath a Victorian style light fixture. To create a more comfortable and spacious feel in your new farmhouse kitchen, incorporate open shelving to display your fantastic collection of pieces.

2. Use a Neutral Palette

One of the signatures of a farmhouse kitchen is a neutral palette. This creates a fantastic backdrop to showcase your vintage elements and distressed finishes. A muted palette will help to create that tremendous timeless look with pops of colour to draw the eye, so don’t worry about it looking dull, as it will warm up when you add rustic wood elements, fantastic details, and glass touches.

3.Blend Natural and Industrial

A farmhouse style means that you don’t need to avoid blending new and old. A mixture of different finishes and materials will create a cultured feeling that is welcoming and warm. This blending of natural and industrial includes materials such as wrought iron, barn doors, shiplap, and traditional hardware. So, think about the materials that you love, and you’re sure to be able to incorporate them into your new kitchen design.

4.Think About the Details

The devil is in the details, particularly when it comes to design, so it is crucial to think about adding them to your new kitchen. Consider adding decorative touches such as traditional style moldings, casings or trim throughout your new kitchen to give it the charm and appeal of bygone eras. You can also incorporate vintage elements such as reclaimed wood, embroidered lace window coverings can bring the whole design together. Remember that the focal point of a typical farmhouse kitchen is a gathering place, such as a table or large island, so remember to use your favourite elements here to ensure that your kitchen is the heart of your home.

5.Incorporate Antique or Rustic Decor

To really create the feeling of a farmhouse style, it is crucial to incorporate some rustic decor elements. Scour local sales, flea markets, and antique stores to find the perfect vintage piece for your space. From a family heirloom to a reclaimed sign, these accents will bring your design together to make your kitchen truly and uniquely yours.

If you’re planning kitchen renovations in Perth, you should speak to us. The Maker team specialises in kitchen renovations, and our team would be delighted to discuss your requirements to help bring your ideas into reality to create your dream kitchen. So, contact us today, and we’re available to answer any of your queries or questions.

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Top 5 Tips for a Farmhouse Kitchen