Posted: September 19, 2019
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Sales And Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing alignment is crucial and the lack of this alignment exists for various reasons and can be extremely frustrating, ridiculous but totally understandable. One thing is for certain, if you are running a business, you certainly want it to grow. Therefore, ignoring the misalignment between sales and marketing is not an option at all.

All a business needs to do to have their sales and marketing departments on the same page is to implement such an automation platform, set processes in place and things start taking care of themselves.

This infographic by EngageBay explains in detail about the why’s and how’s of misalignment, how it can be arrested and reversed and highlights the role played here by the all-in-one marketing and sales software in effectively aligning your processes. Also included are some very keen sales and marketing alignment stats for your reference.

Take a look here at how to align sales and marketing!

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Sales And Marketing Alignment