Posted: July 29, 2019
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San Francisco Giants vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Brief overview of the rivalry between the SF Giants and LA Dodgers, one of baseballs most known west coast rivalries that originated on the east-side.

• 1884 – Both teams met originally as the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants – Giants Won
• 1889 – First Meaningful Game – New York Giants won the Controversial Series that sparked the rivalry
• 1957-1958 – Both teams made the move to the west coast before the start of the 1958 Season
• Giants are notably the best team in the MLB but the Dodgers are not far behind
• Total Games Played between both team 2,743
• Since 1901 – This rivalry has played more head to head games than any other team in the League
• 1960s-1970s – Era of the Giants
• 1970s-1980s – Era of the Dodgers
• Dodgers have won the National League West Division Title 17x

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San Francisco Giants vs Los Angeles Dodgers