Posted: July 19, 2019
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Should my business go to The Cloud?

A lot of people already know what Cloud is thanks to countless online articles that answer what it is, but only a few answers the question of if it’s ideal for businesses to use it. Individuals may not mind using it, but companies tend to have their reservations whether they should switch or not.

Despite the availability of cloud storage, many businesses still opt to use localized servers to store and maintain control over their data. However, it can be problematic as the company might have to invest in Virtual Private Networks to give their mobile and remote workers secure remote access to the company’s digital resources. Maintaining local servers is costly and cumbersome over the long run as well.

On the other hand, cloud storage allows the sharing of files across multiple locations without an expensive VPN and requires little to no capital expenditures in buying and maintaining on-premise servers.

There are some concerns regarding migrating to the cloud, though, which include costs, data security, data governance and control, compliance, and access.

Your company might have reservations on migrating to Cloud, but there’s no doubt that it has a lot of pros for your business. To know more if you should migrate to Cloud, see this infographic by Landau Consulting.

Original Post: Should my business go to The Cloud?

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Should my business go to The Cloud?