Posted: June 4, 2019
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Should You Consider Braces to Brighten Your Smile?

Have you ever wished you had a straighter smile? Whether you experienced jaw or mouth pain, a speech impediment, or other adverse oral health problems from a crooked smile, braces may be the right option for you to improve your health and your confidence.

What Are the Benefits of Using Braces?

Even for those who wear braces for cosmetic reasons, there are several benefits to using braces to improve your smiles. Braces ensure that your bite is correct and your teeth are aligned. Such benefits include:

  • Improved ability to chew food
  • Teeth are easier to clean
  • Reduced cavities and chipping
  • Increased confidence in your smile

Primarily when used early in life, braces can help create an excellent foundation for oral health and confidence in kids and teens.

Types of Braces Available

Fortunately for those who want a straighter, healthier smile, there are a variety of braces available. Most notably, there are metal braces, both for the inside and outside of your teeth, as well as ceramic braces. While ceramic braces tend to cost more, they are less noticeable and thus a more attractive option for adults and teens alike. Less conventional braces are removable aligners, i.e., Invisalign, which are virtually unnoticeable due to being transparent and fully customized to your teeth. Speak to the dental team at Brace Haven which type of braces may be right for you.

Visit Brace Haven: Ottawa’s Best

If you are interested in braces for yourself or your family, stop into Brace Haven today. At the best orthodontist in Ottawa, we offer flexible scheduling, compassionate dentists, and every treatment plan is customized to the needs of every patient. Brace Haven believes in communication, a pain-free dental experience, and bright smiles for everyone.

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Should You Consider Braces to Brighten Your Smile?