Posted: July 23, 2019
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Super Fund, SMSF Fund & Benefits of an SMSF

Employers are required to pay superannuation contributions, called “superannuation guarantee” (SG) contributions, to an approved superannuation fund for their employees at 9.5% (as at 2018) of the employees’ “ordinary time earnings”.

Superannuation in Australia are the arrangements put in place by the Government of Australia to encourage people in Australia to accumulate funds to provide them with an income stream when they retire.  Find out everything you need to know about Super fund and SMSF funds. Know benefits of an SMSF. superannuation is the main way of saving for retirement and is mandatory in Australia, there are many different funds available. See the details information of super fund, type of super funds, information & details about SMSF (self-managed superannuation funds) & benefits of an SMSF.


Original Post: Super Fund, SMSF Fund & Benefits of an SMSF

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Super Fund, SMSF Fund & Benefits of an SMSF