The 12 Agile Principles

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Agile has become increasingly popular in the IT, creative and marketing sectors. Agile promises early delivery of products and works well on projects where the requirements are always changing.

All agile frameworks and methods are based upon the 12 agile principles. These form part of the Agile Manifesto which was written to help guide software projects.

The agile principles are the essence of agile. They help to guide all participants on an agile project about how to act and behave in an agile way.

The principles are customer-focused, and the first principle states that the highest priority is to satisfy the customer by delivering a working product.

Although the agile manifesto, from which the agile principles are based, was written with software projects in mind, they apply to any type of project. When reading the principles, just replace the word ‘software’ with ‘product’ and the principles can immediately be applied to any project.

Agile methods have become popular partly because of their simplicity, and partly because they more accurately reflect the natural ways that many people act on projects.

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