Posted: December 27, 2019
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The Mobile Lawyer In 2020: Practice Law From Anywhere

The fact that technology has grown deep roots in our daily lives is no surprise for anyone today. Like many other industries that are adopting new technologies with open arms, the legal sector is also not far behind. Though the legal firms were initially hesitant in implementing technological advancements, they nevertheless incorporated mobile devices into their everyday work routine.

As per the American Bar Association’s latest Legal Technology Survey Report, mobile lawyering is becoming a popular trend that is likely to grow further in the future. Almost all the lawyers surveyed (94%) reported “regularly or occasionally using a mobile device for law-related tasks at home.” When the lawyers are away from their office, they use smartphones for many reasons, the most popular being – for checking emails (89%). Accessing calendars and contacts follows closely at 75% and 73%. Some other popular features involve time and expense tracking and billing. (Source)

Hence, we see that the use of mobile technology has helped the lawyers to work remotely and gain more customer satisfaction by ensuring enhanced communication with their clients. The introduction of mobile devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) has enabled lawyers to work on the move and attain an adequate work-life balance. Provided the fact that lawyers are indulged in tedious work and long sitting hours, mobile technology has helped them to get their work done with increased efficiency and ease.

Working anytime and anywhere has brought flexibility and ensures that lawyers and law firms are better connected with their clients. With the advancement in digitalization, the utilization of social platforms has also increased, and lawyers are adopting the same. The use of smartphones enables lawyers and law firms to have a better social presence and hence, gain more clients. Therefore, we see the reason why statistics say that the utilization of mobile technology in the legal industry is riding a growth wave.

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The Mobile Lawyer In 2020: Practice Law From Anywhere