Posted: February 20, 2020
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The Ultimate Guide to QR Code Marketing

QR codes are not a novelty. And although QR codes are seen everywhere from marketing materials to resumes and receipts, most people still don’t have an idea of how a QR code works and how it can benefit their business. This infographic explains the basics of QR Code Marketing.

QR Code Marketing

QR codes can be used in any industry. Technology is never meant to replace traditional marketing methods such as print and advertising, but instead, technology is meant to complement it. QR codes are 2D barcodes that are meant to be scanned through a smartphone. For iPhone users using at least an iOS 11 version, the camera has built-in QR code scanning capability. For android devices, dozens of QR code scanners are available to download in the play stores.

Choosing a QR Code Generator

Traditional black and white QR codes are downright boring. Most people don’t even know what do with such patterns andsquares. In choosing the best qr code generator for your business, make sure to choose one with:

  • A lot of features and use cases
  • Data tracking features
  • Excellent documentation and customer support

Original Post: The Ultimate Guide to QR Code Marketing

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The Ultimate Guide to QR Code Marketing