Posted: September 3, 2019
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UK Water Statistics and Facts 2019

United Kingdom receives a large amount of rainfall in the summer season as well as the winter season. However, United Kingdom will still face the water shortage problem after 20 to 25 years because there are very less water storage reserves in United Kingdom.

Man-made water storage methods are limited and most of the rainfall water goes to waste. This means that the average use of water per person will decrease because there will be less rain in UK in the upcoming years due to the climate change. The demand of water is rising at the rate of 1% every year.

Public sector and the industries in United Kingdom consume about 1300 million cb. meters of the water per year. United Kingdom loses about 3.2 trillion liters of clean water per day from leakage. If we talk about per property, at least 179 liters of water is wasted through leakage every day.

The average water leakage in the United Kingdom has increased by 1.2 % than the previous year. Moreover, the surveys show that nothing is working in UK for reducing the vast amounts of water leakage in United Kingdom. In five years, the water leakage problem is increasing rapidly.

Companies and industries are trying their best to adapt to the new water leakage reduction technologies but are failing due to massive water leakages underground. That is why, water boards of UK are advising people to use the tap water more efficiently.

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UK Water Statistics and Facts 2019