Posted: March 6, 2019
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Understanding the Cycle of Addiction

Why do people become addicted to substances such as alcohol, prescription medications or hard drugs? What changes to make them stop being rational about their substance use, and what leads them to become both physically and psychologically dependent upon that substance? This infographic by Northpoint Recovery will help you to understand the cycle of addiction.Addiction is when one obsessively thinks about and compulsively uses drugs or alcohol, despite any negative consequences. An addict’s behavior will include relapsing, losing control, being unable to stop, cross-addiction, and using without enjoyment or to self-medicate.

Seven Steps of the Cycle of Addiction:

– Frustration/Pain
– Fantasizing
– Obsessing
– Using/Drinking
– Loss of Control
– Dissatisfaction
– Promising to Quit

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction:

Pre-Contemplation: The addict has given no thought to quitting.
Contemplation: Quitting begins to enter the mind.
Preparation: Prepares mentally to quit.
Action: Treatment is sought.
Maintenance: Following a professional addiction recovery program, the addict is able to live a substance-free life.

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Understanding the Cycle of Addiction