Posted: June 24, 2019
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What is the learning curve of Python for Data Science?

Python has emerged as the preferred language to be used by data scientists around the world. It is considered as a high-level language which is considered as a good choice for object-oriented programming. It offers huge functionality for dealing with mathematics, scientific functions, and even statistics. There are extraordinary libraries to deal with the data science application. The main reason for the growing popularity of Python is that it is massively used in the scientific and research communities due to its ease of use and simplicity of syntax. It is because of this that Python is being adopted by people who do not even have an engineering back-ground.

The people from academia and industry believe that the deep learning frameworks which are available with the Python APIs and other scientific packages have made Python very versatile and productive. Thus, there has been a huge rise in learning the Python frameworks in recent times. Even in application areas, Python is preferred by the ML scientists as well. In case of applications like natural language processing NLP and other sentiment analysis etc. developers also opt for Python as latter offers a great number of libraries which help to solve complex problems quickly

Original Post: What is the learning curve of Python for Data Science?

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What is the learning curve of Python for Data Science?