About Infographic Website

Infographic Website was created to help infographic creators get more visibility for their infographics. We understand that it takes a long time to research and design infographics, so we wanted to create a website to showcase the excellent work of infographic posters everywhere!

Better Design

We weren’t overly keen on the design of most submission sites, as they seemed like they were just a place to get a quick and easy link, with no real thought about visitors to the infographic directory and how they could find infographics to share. We also came across a TON of technical errors on these sites from where they hadn’t been maintained – they seemed like an afterthought. Everything from broken forms, to broken captchas, to missing “submit” buttons.

Extra Fast

Evidently, we thought we could do better, so we set about designing and creating Infographic Website – a new, modern submission site to post and find Infographics. We made it very easy for people to submit infographics and get free visibility for them. Aside from that, we allow infographic posters to embed infographics hosted on our site, utilizing our lightning fast CDN. Lots of infographic directories claim to use CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), but most of them are low performance or have problems. We use StackPath for serving our images, and so we guarantee that they’ll load extra fast.

Better Infographic Search

We have also put a fair amount of work into our infographic search and categorization system. It was decided that one of our main focuses would be to make a site that’s not just about getting links with infographics, but to make a site where bloggers, businesses and anyone else with a need for infographics could come, find what they need, and give appropriate credit to the author.

Social Sharing

Once an infographic is posted on this website, we also go and share it on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and multiple other places to help spread the reach of the work you’ve done.

What’s Next?

The plan is to keep on working on Infographic Website, and turn it into one of the best infographic sites on the web (excluding mainstream social media). If you have ideas on how we can improve Infographic Website, or want to contribute in some way, please let us know. We work from on office in Calgary, Alberta, where our team manages Infographic Website, alongside various other projects and client work. If you’re in need of Infographics, graphic design, website work or any form of digital marketing, contact us.

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