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We aren’t the only place to create or post infographics! Below you’ll find some of our favourite resources, and the best places to submit your infographics. We’ll be adding to the page over time, so be sure to bookmark it and check back later! Notice an issue on this page or have an addition to make? Please contact us.

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Places To Post Infographics

These are all the places we'd suggest that you could post your infographics, and any important information you should know. We'd consider these to be "Infographic Directories" and please note that they have a variety of free and paid options. We're not going to include all of those options here, so as not to have outdated information.

Infographic Website - Well, no surprises here, it's us. Visit our submission page to post your infographics - always for free. Submit Infographics

Amazing Infographics - Amazing Infographics has an active community of readers who enjoy judging and commenting about the graphics they feature. Submit Infographics

Best-Infographics - Best-Infographics covers the latest visuals and infographics on their directory website. Submit Infographics

Best Infographics - Endeavors to showcase only the best infographics out there - and doesn't want to be like every other directory site. Submit Infographics

Cool Infographics - Cool Infographics is a free infographic submission site that aims to post only the best infographics. Use their contact page to submit your infographic! Submit Infographics

Daily Infographic - As the name suggests, they feature an interesting infographic each and every day. Submit Infographics

Directory of Infographics - Most comprehensive infographics directory. Submit free and sponsored infographic. Huge database of infographics from different categories and niches. Submit Infographics - Graphs has various options for posting your infographics, mostly paid, but they do also accept free submissions. Submit Infographics

Infographaholic - Infographaholic is a visual data archive. Posting your infographics costs a small processing fee, but if you're going for SEO power, this is a good spot. Submit Infographics

Infographics Archive - Infographics Archive is a group of designers, programmers and enthusiasts with a deep passion in creating, talking and reading Infographics. Submit Infographics

Infographic Bee - Discover and submit infographics in Infographic Bee's directory showcasing the best of the best. Submit Infographics

Infographic Database - Infographic Database is an infographic directory that allows free submissions and provides tips for submitting your infographics in general. Submit Infographics

Infographic Directory - Infographic Directory isn't currently accepting submissions, but check back later in case they open it back up. Submit Infographics

Infographic Journal - Infographic Journal is an infographic archive that focuses solely on infographics. Their goal is not to publish every infographic on the planet but rather the best of the best. Submit Infographics

Infographic Love - Infographic love is one of the best design showcases of tech based infographics. Submit Infographics

Infographic Pics - Infographic Pics posts regular infographics on a wide variety of topics. Submit Infographics

Infographic Plaza - Infographic Plaza searches for the best infographics on the Internet and features them on their Plaza to enjoy them and share them with the world. Submit Infographics

InfographicPost - Infographic Post is a place to find the best infographics on the web into your view by bringing the most interesting and informative infographics on the Web to you. Submit Infographics

Infographic Portal - Infographic Portal is an infographic website that collects quality infographics with short outlines under various categories. Submit Infographics

Infographics Race - Infographics Race is a simple directory site, where you can post your infographics for free, or with additional perks via a paid option. Submit Infographics

Infographics Showcase - The team at Infographics Showcase are collecting the best of the web infographics with a nod to some exciting graphic design. Submit Infographics

Infographix Directory - Infographix Directory was created in 2012 and since then they have posted hundreds of Infographics. Submit Infographics

NerdGraph - NerdGraph claims to be "The No. 1 source for the best infographics" - we'll leave it to you to verify the validity of that claim. Submit Infographics

Shit Hot Infographics - On each post, Shit Hot Infographics includes information about the site that created it, a brief description of the infographic and a link to the source. Submit Infographics

Submit Infographics - Submit Infographics is one of the longest running infographic submission and review sites online. Submit Infographics

The Infographics - The Infographics, as stated in their header, is the only place where you will find the best infographics. Submit Infographics

Top Infographic - They have some guidelines for infographic submissions, as well as some expectations for time and costs. Submit Infographics

Visulattic - Visulattic is not a company, it is a project with a aim to curate the best information graphics or visual data. Submit Infographics

Visual Kiwi - Visual Kiwi specializes in creating viral infographics that build brand awareness, increase website traffic and generate digital PR. Submit Infographics