10 Local Marketing Trends

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Chances are you know what marketing is, or you at least understand a loose definition of what it means. But, what is local marketing and why is it different from the way large corporations and businesses market? Local Marketing essentially encompasses the ways a small, local business uses to market themselves to their local area. This is different from the ways the big guys market because smaller, local businesses don’t need to market themselves to the masses like large corporations and companies. Local businesses need to use more targeted, and specific marketing strategies in order to reach new customers, and promote themselves and their products and/or services to their local area.

The way local marketing is implemented can be done in a variety of ways and often depends on your business’s specific niche, and customer base. Knowing your local market, and the ability to identify your target demographic is essential to the success of your marketing campaign and, essentially, your business. As with any effective marketing campaign, information is key. The standard radius of a local businesses influence is typically within 10-miles, or 10-minutes from your location, and all of your marketing efforts should concentrate on driving these customers to your front door.

While local businesses often have smaller marketing budgets (if any) they also don’t have the need to market to the masses, so they shouldn’t waste their time or money trying to do so. Large companies have the ability to market themselves on a much larger scale whether it be via TV commercials, billboards, online campaigns, national print ads, etc. whereas local businesses do not. Instead, smaller local businesses need to spend their time implementing more targeted marketing practices where their message is tailored to the local market – not the mass market. If you want to learn more about local marketing, and local marketing tactics, checkout our infographic for some quick tips below.

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