Best Render Mix Ratio

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Rendering is the process in which cement mixture is applied to external as well as internal walls to create a textured or smooth surface. It is mostly similar to plastering It has good aesthetic appeal along with fire-rating as well as water proof qualities.

The renders are made up of sand, water, cement and lime. 6 parts sand, 1 part cement and 1 part lime is the standard render mix ratio. We can make use of any kind of cement whereas the sand should be of no impurities and have a fine texture. Rendering or plastering sand will be the best type of sand to use. For the base layer, coarse sand is used and for the top layer, slightly fine-textured sand is preferred. So, we can make of use building sand for top or base layer.

To increase the elasticity of mix and prevent it from cracking once it dries lime is used. Hydrated lime is the most appropriate kind of lime for the rendering. Apart from this, colour-altering pigments or additives that aid bonding and drying can also be added.

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