Voice Search Stats of 2019: Turning The Tides of SEO

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Submitted by: Go Top Shelf

Have you ever wondered how voice search has affected the world around it? From SEO, to buying products online – voice search has revolutionized the way we approach our online experiences. Companies need to start creating websites that cater to voice searchers as soon as possible. Find out all the reasons why you should take voice search seriously in this infographic.

Voice search has become one of the hottest trends in the Search Engine Optimization Industry. With its ever-increasing range of influence, and buying power – voice search is something that marketers cannot just pass by. This infographic details the different statistics revolving around voice search, and how it is changing the search landscape as we speak. There are some future predictions, as to where voice search will end up in the coming years, stats on who’s using a voice assistant, and lists the top players in the smart speaker world.

We put tons of work into finding all the best stats on voice search for 2019. We sincerely hope that this infographic helps you optimize your website for search, and puts you on the right path towards better rankings & more traffic!

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