How To Sell Your House By Using The 6 P’s

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Submitted by: Fast Home Sales

There’s a marketing strategy called “The Marketing Mix”. This classic strategy is based on the 4 P’s of marketing: Price, Place, Promotion, and Product. This list was created to make sure marketers were executing a complete and thorough marketing campaign when selling their wares. This strategy is highly effective in marketing any product or service. But by adding two “P’s” of our own, we’ve made it an excellent tool for selling houses faster and for more money. By adding in the two critical factors of People and Process, we have now created the 6 P’s of marketing any property in 2020 and beyond.

The 6 P formula works for whatever selling decision you made; the actions just vary a bit. You can summarize it as People, Process, Price, Place, Product, and Promotion. The foundation of any successful sales campaign is having the right people on the team. In regards to selling a home, you would need to ensure you have a quality photographer, a certified and licensed repair person, a marketing expert such as a real estate agent, a reputable local title company, and other individuals to make the most out of selling your property. The other 5 steps of the process build on each other to give you the best opportunity to sell any property in any location.

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