The Future Of Workplace AR & VR Training

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Submitted by: Chaos Theory

You and your staff are always learning new skills on the job, however as your business evolves in the digital age, so must your workplace training procedures. It’s up to you to future-proof your work processes and explore new and effective ways to engage your employees at every level. We’ve seen augmented reality and virtual reality technology grow in the past few years and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Tech-fuelled training will help you save time and money on training tools. AR-based and VR-based workplace training has the real potential to boost employee engagement, improve retention, energise productivity, and build lasting relationships.

Our latest infographic includes:

  • What is AR and VR?
  • Insight into the global demand for AR and VR training
  • Statistics on the real-world AR & VR training programs
  • AR & VR trends we see in 2020 and beyond

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